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Club Flyers


The tried & true way to promote your event!

The party has arrived! Promote your concert, new club, festival or the latest social event in town and fill the dance floors using club flyers.

Club flyers are a popular way for event planners to get people to look their way. Remember, the #1 effective form of marketing is word-of-mouth … what do you think someone will say when they get your club flyer invite? Well, they won’t be keeping it to themselves. 


Tips for building an effective club flyer design

      Know your theme - what’s the first thing you want people to notice?

      Use captivating headlines that will grab the viewer's attention

      Every club flyer is known for its colors! Incorporate vibrant colors that tie in with your event

      Tell them what they need to know. Keep it simple, to the point, with no extra fluff

      Tell them what they need to do with a call to action. “Register Now” “RSVP”, etc.

      Don’t use too many different fonts. Everything should look uniform, making it easier to read and digest.


Using club flyers to market your event

The goal is to create flyers that represent your event. Whether it’s a wild nightclub or city hall event, flyers are a fast way to say “Hey, we are here!”.

Club flyers are an affordable way to reach a larger market place while creating event buzz. 

      Include redeemable coupons or discounts on tickets

      Hand them out in popular areas based on your key demographics

      Ask local vendors to place them at their business counters

      Try direct mail

      Pass them out at a networking or community event