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Business Flyers


Brand your event with business flyers

Give people an easy way to inquire about your business’s event with flyers!

Planning a small get-together, community or corporate event? Whatever the occasion, flyers are a fast, efficient way to spread the word using word-of-mouth marketing.

Post flyers throughout your community, in high foot traffic areas, or past them out. If someone leaves them behind, it’s only being left for someone else to discover it.


Flyer Size Options

What you want to accomplish will determine your flyer size. 

8.5” x 11” is a great size for handing flyers out quickly and including more

information on the flyer (would not recommend choosing a bigger size for flyers).

Smaller sizes work as a quick reference. Something customers can stick in their

purses or wallets and get back to later. 


Tips for building an effective Business flyer design

      Use captivating headlines that will grab the viewer's attention

      Incorporate vibrant colors that tie in with your brand or event theme

      Include company contact information (email, phone, website, etc.)

      Include all information they may need about your event or business

      Get straight to the point. No added fluff; you have limited space

      Don’t use too many different fonts. Everything should look uniform, making it easier to read and digest.

      Incorporate a call-to-action so they know what to do next


Using business flyers to market your event

      Hand them out in local hot-spots or areas relevant to your key demographics

      Post them around the community

      Ask local vendors to place them at their business counters

      Try direct mail

      Pass them out at a networking or community event